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A bit monothematic, as it is with the packaging manufacturer. The fact is that, to a large extent, our work consists of advertising products, because all packaging is and takes part in the image creation. So where do I see the problem? In fact nowhere, but ... boxes are often omitted in projects, and thus - also in the budget. In fact, this is not always the case, but I often encounter a situation ...
Firma BeJoy introduce gift sets for 2022/2023 season:Sets are package in magnetic box, hand-made wrapped, made from ecologic materials with FSC certificate.Depending on the package, we offer you: - porcelain of Polish production Porcelana Krzysztof, a very stable model with a capacity of 300 ml with a saucer, marked by the manufacturer - natural blends of flavored teas - Polish honey production from ...
Od dziś udostępniamy możliwośc płatności przy odbiorze. Dostawa za pośrednictwem DHL. Zapraszamy!
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