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Few words about boxes

A bit monothematic, as it is with the packaging manufacturer.

The fact is that, to a large extent, our work consists of advertising products, because all packaging is and takes part in the image creation.

So where do I see the problem? In fact nowhere, but ... boxes are often omitted in projects, and thus - also in the budget. In fact, this is not always the case, but I often encounter a situation where packaging is an accessory, but is this a good approach? From my point of view, no. He is our silent, mute seller, although these are also wrong terms. Packaging such as display or stand, ba! just like our representative - he represents the brand, presents the client with whom and what he is dealing with. They often have more work to do than sales departments. Why? Because he has to break through in the casting on the shelf, and the only thing he has to show is what we'll "decorate" them with, when we show them. He will not play himself, he will not read the customer or his shopping preferences. In fact, it is worse than the salesman. So it is only up to us how silent and silent our packaging will be.

Recently, during our internal discussions, the slogan "packaging lives longer than the product" was mentioned. There was silence after that sentence. Never, despite 22 years of work in the profession, passion and the fact that I love "dressing up", have never looked at the subject from this perspective.
Is that a true statement?

First of all - there are types of packaging such as rigid box, which are often left at customers' homes. As durable and multifunctional packaging, they serve for years, reminding us of our brand or product.
Secondly - customers often remember the shape or color of the packaging. They approach the shelf and there is a click-wrr effect (as described beautifully by Cialdini)
Thirdly - packaging in terms of the new market has become the first element of the so-called unboxing and is also the first step they describe or show by influencers or a whole host of private people. Opening or unpacking has become a kind of ritual.

So is it worth further reducing the added value of packaging and treating it neglectfully? I leave it to you.
And on my part: include packaging in the budget by creating new product lines, new marketing plans or planning any sales. The packaging is just as important as the rest, although it is only an accessory.

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